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Dedicated to the fanfiction "After" written by the wonderful Anna also known as "imaginator1D", also dedicated to 5 wonderful boys known as One Direction. None of these fabulous edits belong to me unless stated.



If One Direction does another 1D day, I swear…. I’ll probably end up watching the entire thing from my couch even though I promised mysELF AFTER THE LAST 8 HOUR ONE THAT I WOULD NEVER STOOP TO THAT LEVEL AGAIN.

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"one direction is the world’s biggest band". They keep progressing each year. No one can stop them. 4 years is like starting as a freshman and ending as a senior. One direction has graduated from their first step. Now they are going to start on their second step. And we will all be in the front row supporting them.

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Can’t believe it’s been 4 years of this fuckery.

Omg this is frustrating I spend so much time supporting them and then you tell me I don't deserve a photo ?!

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idk what you deserve man but you’re not entitled to it - Ashley x