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Started out dedicated to the fanfiction "After" written by the wonderful Anna also known as "imaginator1D", but now I'm all over the place with 1D, Ed Sheeran, 5SOS, and your occasional joke.


“ "I want to be good for you. Tess." I once told her. What a great job I’ve done so far. ”

—    Harry Styles (After 3: Chapter 236)

My Wedding Speech

<b> Me:</b> I'm in love with this guy ever since i was a teen. he's so handsome and cute. He's so artistic and he does things from the bottom of his heart. He's talented and when im sad or angry he can always cheer me up.<p><b>Guests:</b> Awwwwwwwww<p><b>Me:</b> But unfortunately I can't marry Zayn Malik so i'm stuck with this little shit<p>