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Dedicated to the fanfiction "After" written by the wonderful Anna also known as "imaginator1D", also dedicated to 5 wonderful boys known as One Direction. None of these fabulous edits belong to me unless stated.


She's just incredibly thirsty. I could spray her with a fire hose for 12 hours and she'd still be thirsty.

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“ 1D is a ridiculously popular boy band from London, England, who perform catchy, tightly produced songs that somehow manage to be saccharine and nonthreatening as they taunt you with lyrics about how they’re going to plow your daughter. ”

  • X (it’s from the article where they rank the boys but god dammit this is the funniest thing anyone has ever said about 1D)

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*Update on my 50 Shades of Grey reading*
I love Christian’s and Anastasia’s email subject titles. I find them incredibly amusing and funny.

That is all… for now.

“ She doesn’t look like my Tessa, but she is getting there and if that asshole is the key to that light, the so fucking be it. ”

—    Harry Styles (After 3: Chapter 276)

Another comment on 50 Shades of Grey that I have… I like this “inner goddess” that Anastasia has but at the same time I don’t. Sometimes it makes it sound like she has some type of split personality.

Still haven’t decided if I like this book or not. I definitely don’t hate it. I’ll keep you updated.